Measuring Intangibles: Determining the Psychographics of Your Customers

Posted on November 29, 2012


To get a fuller picture of who your customers are, you have to dig deep.  You have to know what they like, how they behave, and what they value.  MarketMAPS shows you how to measure some important, intangible factors: the psychographics of your customers.


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To target a specific market, you have to look at population segments.  You can segment a population by geography or demographics, but another way to segment a population is by psychographics.  Psychographics refer to the lifestyles, activities, values, interests, and opinions of a population.


Psychographics are essentially intangible, more so than geography or demographics, making them much more difficult to measure.  A radius map or geographic report will tell you where a customer lives, and a census map or demographic database will tell you the demographic makeup of a neighborhood, but determining psychographics is a much more involved process.


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Retailers use surveys and social media to better understand their customers’ lifestyles.  From these two things, you can gauge your customers’ interests and values.  Customers may be school-going, college-going, office-going…They may feel the need to maintain their social status or they may value frugality above all else.  Getting into your customers’ minds and understanding what makes them tick is a very valuable part of creating a target marketing strategy.


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Try promoting different offers that appeal to a wide range of interests.  Encourage customers to share their opinions on your social media pages.  Maintain a database that tells you the kinds of things your customers are interested in, how they behave, and what they value.


To better understand your customers, you need to approach target marketing from many different angles.  Measure the concrete details, as well as the intangibles.  Start targeting your market today using the most accurate, up-to-date business mapsMarketMAPS publishes the most complete selection of city, county, metro area, and state maps.  Use our wall maps and digital maps to target customers by geography, demographics, consumer behavior, and more.


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