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Where is Everybody? A Population Map of the USA

January 9, 2013


An interactive population map was recently released on  How do businesses, governments, and researchers use population maps?  MarketMAPS takes a look.    Brandon M Anderson is the mind behind this interactive digital map.  Using population data from the 2010 US Census, Brandon created a zoom-able map that represents each US resident with a single […]

Will Demographics Save the Housing Market?

December 27, 2012


Even before the housing crisis hit the US, home ownership had been steadily declining.  Can demographics save the ailing housing market?  MarketMAPS takes a look.    According to most analysts, the US housing market hit its peak in 2004.  Since then, there have been fewer and fewer homeowners in the US.  The housing crisis, which […]

Measuring Intangibles: Determining the Psychographics of Your Customers

November 29, 2012


To get a fuller picture of who your customers are, you have to dig deep.  You have to know what they like, how they behave, and what they value.  MarketMAPS shows you how to measure some important, intangible factors: the psychographics of your customers.   To target a specific market, you have to look at […]

Demographics and Elections

October 30, 2012


Election Day in the US is just 1 week away!  Today, MarketMAPS takes a look at American demographic trends, and how they can affect the outcome of this year’s elections.  America is becoming increasingly diverse.  Last year, more minority-race babies were born than white American babies.  This is a strong indication that, within perhaps 1 […]

Marketing Basics: What Are Demographics

October 25, 2012


If your business is in the early stages of developing a marketing plan, MarketMAPS is here to help.  Today we address some basic marketing questions: what are demographics and how can they help your business? Demographics refer to various population characteristics used in government, marketing, and opinion research.  Have you ever filled out the US […]

Grow Your Sales Territories

October 23, 2012


Growing your sales territories takes a combination of patience, persistence, motivation, and the right sales people.  MarketMAPS shares some tips to help your sales territories grow.  Don’t be afraid to prospect new accounts and new business.  Have confidence in your products and services.  Go after new accounts and new business.  And don’t fear rejection; it […]

The Most Demographically Diverse US Cities

October 9, 2012


America is becoming an increasingly diverse nation.  Many suggest that within the next 50 years, the US will become a majority-minority country.  What does this mean for businesses?  MarketMAPS takes a look at the US’s most demographically diverse cities.  A new study from Pennsylvania State University’s Sociology department has pointed out the steep increase in […]