Marketing Basics: What Are Demographics

Posted on October 25, 2012


If your business is in the early stages of developing a marketing plan, MarketMAPS is here to help.  Today we address some basic marketing questions: what are demographics and how can they help your business?

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Demographics refer to various population characteristics used in government, marketing, and opinion research.  Have you ever filled out the US Census?  Those questions about race, income, age, and marital status are used to evaluate the demographic diversity of the US.  The most commonly used demographics by marketers include age, income, gender, and household size, but demographic data can extend to characteristics such as crime, product consumption, and more.


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Demographics Affect Marketing

Good marketers know demographics and they know that different demographic segments respond differently to marketing campaigns.  Older individuals, for example, are less likely to respond to the marketing campaign of an energy drink company, and younger individuals probably won’t look twice at an advertisement for life insurance.  The job of the marketer is to find the best demographic segment for a business to target.


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Using Demographics

Finding the target market for a business is not a complicated process, but it is most assuredly an essential one.  It involves analyzing customer data along with the most recent demographics for the local area.  Once you’ve looked at the kinds of people that are buying your products (50 year-old women, single fathers, young adults, etc.), you need to look at demographic maps to find where your target customers are in relation to your store.  Are you close to your target demographic?  Are you far away from them?  Are there enough of your target demographic to support your business?


Once you’ve determined who and where your target demographic is, you can create a marketing strategy that addresses their concerns and works to solve their problems.  A target marketing strategy will increase your ROI, increase response rates, and lower your marketing costs.


Using the most accurate, up-to-date demographic data can lead to improvements in your marketing plan and your business.  MarketMAPS provides the highest quality demographic data from the leading providers.  You select the demographic variables you’re looking for, and we can help you create a map displaying those demographics.  We also offer demographic databases to use with your own mapping software. 


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