Maps Help Your Business Go Green

Posted on October 26, 2012


There are many steps companies take to “go green.”  These can include things like conserving power and using recycled products.  But for companies that spend most of their time on the road, going green takes a bit more planning.  MarketMAPS shows you how maps can help your business go green and save in the process. 

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Businesses that rely on sales meetings often switch over to video conferencing or calls in order to save on vehicle emissions and fuel costs.  But as many in the industry know, those person-to-person interactions with clients are often what gets the job done.  How can a company go green and cut travel costs if in-person sales meetings are vital to the bottom line?


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One way to do this is with a sales territory map.  By marking each of your clients’ locations on a sales territory map, you can begin to ask some important questions: are the sales territories optimized so that sales potential is maximized?  Are sales trips structured to maximize sales force efficiency?  How many sales calls are needed for prospective vs. existing clients?


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Aligning and managing your sales territories with a sales territory map is a great way to cut down on your sales reps’ travel time.  Companies that spend most of the time on the road can also use maps to find quicker routes and plan more efficient deliveries.  Radius and drive time maps can help you create delivery zones according to distance and travel time.


Cutting down on time spent on the road helps your business “go green,” and save money in the process.  If your business can benefit from a way to design more efficient sales territories and delivery routes, contact MarketMAPS.  We create custom sales territory maps according to your boundaries.  We can also create delivery maps for your drivers using methods such as radius, drive time, and more. 


Contact MarketMAPS today.  Our maps help you go green and improve your bottom line


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