2 Things to Help You Find a Better Business Location

Posted on September 27, 2012


Looking for a new business location?  Take a look at the 2 things that MarketMAPS suggests will help you find the best site for your business. 


Finding the right business location can be tricky, but not if you know what to look for.  The first thing to consider should be obvious: Demographics.  If your store relies on incoming customer traffic, you need to put yourself near your customer base.

If your products attract single people, find out where the single people are located.  If they appeal to the wealthy, find out where the wealthy neighborhoods are.  Look for a location that puts you closest to your customer base.  You can use demographic maps to identify things like age, income, and household size for any area.  Maps will also show you things like schools, universities, parks, and other points of interest that may be important to your business.

The other thing to consider is the Competition in the area.  When analyzing competitor locations, there are a few things you can do.  Some businesses choose locations as far away from their competitors as possible.  Others like to take advantage of their competitors’ ideal placement and advertising, and look for a site as close to them as they can get.

When you are deciding on a new business site, consider both demographics and competitor locations.  If you need help visualizing demographics and locations, consult MarketMAPS.  We provide demographic maps of any area in the US.  We can mark any business location onto your map, letting you see where your competition is in relation to your customers.


Contact MarketMAPS today.  We can give you the tools you need to evaluate a new business site. 

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Image 1 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via swfwmd.state.fl.us, Image 3 via beyourownit.com, Image 4 via marketmaps.com