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Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012

January 2, 2013


Make sure you didn’t miss anything! Take a look with MarketMAPS at the top ten blog posts of the past year. Versailles, the would-be biggest house in America 100 Places You Need to Visit: Prague, Czech Republic Swim the Clearest Waters on Earth “The Man Who Lived On His Bike” – The Perfect Branding Tool Mapping the Lewis and […]

A Second Business Location May Be Just What You Need

December 13, 2012


You’ve put so much thought and effort into selecting your first business location.  Why not put that same thought and effort into selecting a second one?  The rewards will be pretty substantial.  MarketMAPS takes a look.  The three most important things for a business are location, location, location.  Location can mean the difference between a […]

Business Locations: Which Businesses Will Be Affected Most By Climate Change

December 7, 2012


The geographic location of your business is important, especially when that location makes it possible for you to grow, farm, or create your product.  But with rising sea levels and record-high temperatures, many industries are becoming threatened.  MarketMAPS looks at the businesses that will be affected most by climate change.    Coffee There are only […]

Asking the Right Questions About Your Potential Business Site

November 15, 2012


Ask any professional.  They will tell you that location is the single most important thing in a business.  MarketMAPS shows you the right questions to ask when you’re choosing a new business site.    There are so many things to consider when selecting a new business site.  The size of the site, the direction the […]

2 Things to Help You Find a Better Business Location

September 27, 2012


Looking for a new business location?  Take a look at the 2 things that MarketMAPS suggests will help you find the best site for your business.    Finding the right business location can be tricky, but not if you know what to look for.  The first thing to consider should be obvious: Demographics.  If your […]

Map of San Francisco Shows you the Safe Places to Walk

September 19, 2012


As a bustling city, San Francisco has its fair share of traffic problems.  Occasionally, these traffic problems affect pedestrians, causing accidents or even deaths.  MarketMAPS looks at a new San Francisco map that shows you the safe places to walk, as well as which streets to avoid at all costs.  At the rate at which […]

Location Maps Dramatically Increase Response Rates

August 31, 2012


As many marketers already know, direct mail generates some great responses.  Although many companies are turning to solely digital, direct email campaigns, direct mail is still a popular choice for marketers and advertisers.  If your business sends out direct mail, then this article is for you.  MarketMAPS shows you how including a location map in […]