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Happy GIS Day!

November 18, 2015


At MarketMAPS we offer a wide range of GIS products to enhance business performance.

2 Things to Help You Find a Better Business Location

September 27, 2012


Looking for a new business location?  Take a look at the 2 things that MarketMAPS suggests will help you find the best site for your business.    Finding the right business location can be tricky, but not if you know what to look for.  The first thing to consider should be obvious: Demographics.  If your […]

Map of San Francisco Shows you the Safe Places to Walk

September 19, 2012


As a bustling city, San Francisco has its fair share of traffic problems.  Occasionally, these traffic problems affect pedestrians, causing accidents or even deaths.  MarketMAPS looks at a new San Francisco map that shows you the safe places to walk, as well as which streets to avoid at all costs.  At the rate at which […]

Location Maps Dramatically Increase Response Rates

August 31, 2012


As many marketers already know, direct mail generates some great responses.  Although many companies are turning to solely digital, direct email campaigns, direct mail is still a popular choice for marketers and advertisers.  If your business sends out direct mail, then this article is for you.  MarketMAPS shows you how including a location map in […]

Education Maps: New Maps Help Parents Choose Schools

August 7, 2012


The new school year is quickly approaching.  Parents obviously want to know if the school they are sending their children to is the best.  Sure, there are plenty of online resources that will tell you school rankings and other statistics.  But the visual aid of a map can help you better understand where your ideal […]

Maps vs. GPS

July 31, 2012


Online maps and GPS’s may be the preferred tools for navigation, but paper maps still have their place.  While GPS devices display accurate and detailed transportation routes, physical maps provide you with choices and a bigger picture.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the pros and cons of both maps and GPS devices.    One wilderness enthusiast […]

Map of the Day: Where are the Largest 500 Companies Located?”

July 26, 2012


Recently, Fortune released its list of the Global 500.  This list broke down the top international companies and ranked them by revenue.  MarketMAPS looks at the where these companies are located in the world, and which countries have the most Global 500 companies.      Business Insider has used the rankings published by Fortune to […]