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Digital Maps, Map Books, and Wall Maps; Oh My

January 4, 2013


Maps come in all shapes, sizes, and formats.  MarketMAPS shows you how businesses make use of different map formats and how to choose the right format for your needs.      Digital Maps Digital maps are growing in popularity.  These are downloadable maps of specific areas—a state, county, city, or custom radius—which can be saved […]

Tips For Covering a Large Sales Territory

November 8, 2012


If you have sales reps in the field that are covering large territories, chances are you need a way to make each sales trip as effective as possible.  MarketMAPS shows you ways to maximize efficiency within your large sales territories.     Make Use of Technology Laptops and smartphones have made it easier for sales […]

Flood Maps Help Prepare Citizens

July 24, 2012


All across the globe, flood maps are used to help keep citizens informed and safe.  They are also used to help assess property insurance and home value.  MarketMAPS , a leading provider of digital and physical maps, looks at how flood maps are used and what their value is to community members and home owners.  […]

Zumbox: Digitizing Mail Delivery

July 23, 2012


The world is becoming increasingly digitized; even our mail deliveries will eventually be completely digital. Zumbox has already taken a step towards this future, delivering scanned mail such as bills and letters to their users online. MarketMAPS takes a look at how Zumbox works and what they hope to accomplish. Launched in 2009, Zumbox has […]

Maps Show How the Internet Literally Connects the World

July 17, 2012


While we look at our computer screens and load our web browser pages with lightning-fast speed, we often forget how tangible the internet really is.  Recently published by GeoTel Communications, a series of maps shows the immense network of fiber-optic cables that literally connect the world.  Spanning all across the globe, these internet cables keep […]

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a TacoCopter??

March 27, 2012


Just because you’re stranded, doesn’t mean that you have to go hungry. As long as Tacocopters run the sky, there will always be a tasty solution to any hungry civilian. What is it? Exactly what the name implies, a helicopter that holds tacos- tacos that are delivered at the click of a smart phone.   […]

Google and the Future of Driving- Autonomous Cars

March 22, 2012


Traffic- the one thing that everyone wants to avoid…besides taxes and death is profitable Google might be made fun of for the relentless idea of a driverless car- but the goal seems pretty clear. If you take peoples’ hands off their wheels they’ve new time to surf the web and see billions of ads instead. […]