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A USA Map: Mapping the Spread of the Flu

January 10, 2013


The influenza virus is quickly spreading throughout the USA.  If you listen to the news, you’d most likely believe that there is no way to avoid it.  But there are a few places that may come out unscathed after this sweeping epidemic subsides.  MarketMAPS maps out the USA’s flu problem.    The internet is abuzz […]

Business Locations: Which Businesses Will Be Affected Most By Climate Change

December 7, 2012


The geographic location of your business is important, especially when that location makes it possible for you to grow, farm, or create your product.  But with rising sea levels and record-high temperatures, many industries are becoming threatened.  MarketMAPS looks at the businesses that will be affected most by climate change.    Coffee There are only […]

100 Places you Need to Visit: Easter Island

September 24, 2012


Our planet is filled with natural splendor and man-made marvels.  As the leading publisher of maps of every area in the US and worldwide, we at MarketMAPS want to celebrate our world.  We continue our series of necessary visits with a stop over in the mysterious and beautiful Easter Island.  Locate Easter Island on your […]

City Spotlight: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Bigfoot Festival and Conference

July 30, 2012


MarketMAPS publishes the largest selection of US, state, county, and city maps.  We create maps of large metro areas, as well as small towns.  Today, we shine a spotlight on one of the US’s smaller cities; a rather isolated region in Oklahoma called Honobia.  What makes this city special is the individual it claims as one of its […]

Map Reveals World’s Earthquakes Since 1898

July 5, 2012


If you’ve ever wondered where all the world’s earthquakes occur, IDV Solutions has created a map tracking all recorded earthquake activity from 1898.  It shows each earthquake as a lightning-bug colored light of varying brightness spread across the earthquake epicenters of the earth.  Looking at this earthquake map, it becomes obvious how useful visual tools […]