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The Geography of the All-Important Latino Vote

November 6, 2012


There has been a large emphasis this election year on the “minority” and “Latino” votes.  With America becoming an increasingly diverse nation, minority votes have become even more important in deciding who is sent to the White House.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the geography of the all-important Latino vote.    The rising impact of […]

Demographics and Elections

October 30, 2012


Election Day in the US is just 1 week away!  Today, MarketMAPS takes a look at American demographic trends, and how they can affect the outcome of this year’s elections.  America is becoming increasingly diverse.  Last year, more minority-race babies were born than white American babies.  This is a strong indication that, within perhaps 1 […]

More Training Required for Airline Pilots Before They Can Take to the Skies

February 27, 2012


A recent U.S. government proposal would increase the required amount of experience and training for airline pilots to address issues that arose in a fatal crash three years ago.  Co-pilots would need close to the same qualifications as captains, with at least three times more flight hours than under current rules, the Federal Aviation Administration […]

Homes of the US Presidents

February 20, 2012


When they weren’t spending time in D.C., where have our US presidents called home?  While some of our presidents have come from modest homes, others have preferred the luxury living that the role of commander-in-chief has afforded them. Barack Obama: Chicago,IL                   The Obamas purchased a 6,199-square-foot, […]

Invading Taiwan vs. Antipirate Protection

January 27, 2012


Economic relations and cooperation continue to increase between China and Taiwan, but so does political tension… While the 65,000 ton Shi Lang has been declared as “fulfilling China’s 70-year aircraft carrier dreams”, Beijing insists that has no hostile intentions. It’s merely a way for China to fulfill antipirate obligations, allowing them to escort merchant ships […]

Mapping for Office- 2012 Senate

October 28, 2011


Believe it or not, maps are used for just about everything, and the political world is no exception. Even a politician running for Senate in Connecticut needs a helping hand. Planning a campaign means planning when and where a candidate will be as they attempt to build their popularity. Defining these campaign locations means having […]