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Business Locations: Which Businesses Will Be Affected Most By Climate Change

December 7, 2012


The geographic location of your business is important, especially when that location makes it possible for you to grow, farm, or create your product.  But with rising sea levels and record-high temperatures, many industries are becoming threatened.  MarketMAPS looks at the businesses that will be affected most by climate change.    Coffee There are only […]

100 Places You Need to Visit: Singapore

November 26, 2012


We’re working our way down the list of 100 places you need to visit.  MarketMAPS takes a look at a fast-growing destination with amazing cuisine and its own brand of English: Singapore.  Comment and tell us which locations you think should make our list of Places You Need to Visit!   A former British colony, […]

Maps Help Your Business Go Green

October 26, 2012


There are many steps companies take to “go green.”  These can include things like conserving power and using recycled products.  But for companies that spend most of their time on the road, going green takes a bit more planning.  MarketMAPS shows you how maps can help your business go green and save in the process.  […]

Digital Maps of New York Display Green Data

July 20, 2012


Maps reveal important information.  They visually represent data better than data sheets or lists.  NYC Digital recently published an assortment of New York City digital maps, displaying various green data across the city.  MarketMAPS  takes a look at these digital maps and what kind of information they reveal.    NYC Digital is part of the […]

How Hot is it? Take a Look at These Maps

July 12, 2012


This summer could go on record as one of the hottest in history.  With the recent fires in Colorado and power outages across the country, it makes one wonder: just how hot is it?  MarketMAPS  looks at new informational maps published by the National Climate Data Center and what they tell us about our summer […]