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How to Eat Like a Local Wherever You Go

November 2, 2012


There’s always a downside when travelling to a new, exotic location.  Mainly, how do you know which restaurants are the local hotspots and which restaurants are simply tourist traps?  Wherever you may be going this holiday season, MarketMAPS shows you how to eat like a local.    Ask the Locals Taxi drivers, street vendors, even […]

Which ZIP Codes Spend the Most on Fine Dining

August 6, 2012


Businesses often look at demographic data based on ZIP Codes.  This gives them a good idea of the ages, genders, and incomes of their customers, and also helps them understand variations between neighborhoods.  An article recently published by the Birmingham Business Journal shows which ZIP Codes in their city spend the most on fine dining.  MarketMAPS […]

McDonald’s Gone Global

January 31, 2012


22 years ago on January 31st, McDonald’s opened its first location in the Soviet Union. Nestled on a busy street in Moscow, people lined around the block to pay what was the equivalent of several days pay for Big Macs, shakes and fries.   The notorious golden arches standing strongly over the land were a […]

Putting the ‘Bar’ in Barista

January 23, 2012


While Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee-shop chain, that really only leads them morning business, because let’s face it, no one wants to wind down with a cup of coffee. So the juggernaut has found a new way to bring in the customer traffic, alcohol.   Since the first mug was served in October of […]

Marketing Malts, the Business of Whiskey

January 17, 2012


Is whiskey your business? If it is, perhaps it’s time to consider a creative approach to sales. Share your passion with loyal customer and other whiskey aficionados by offering them a creative map of your special single malt products. This map, for example, offers a guide to Scottish single malt whiskeys, plotted on a grid […]

How to Market Meals on Wheels

January 6, 2012


Business on the Road The concept of the coveted roach coach has been around since the frontier age, when chuckwagons fed the hungry cattle herders who had no other method of getting their hands on a hot meal. The frontier days are over, but ever since Food Network first aired the hit reality series “the […]

The Real Hell’s Kitchen

November 30, 2011


If you thought The Chopping Block or Hell’s Kitchen were heated, it’s time to feast your eyes on one business in Lanzarote that is taking it up a notch. Here’s a business that really knows how to turn up the heat…or utilize it. Unlike most restaurants that prepare their customers dishes over stove tops and […]