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Happy GIS Day!

November 18, 2015


At MarketMAPS we offer a wide range of GIS products to enhance business performance.

How Businesses Use Carrier Routes

August 17, 2012


For businesses that are familiar with direct mailing and delivery route planning, carrier routes are a valuable resource.  Some businesses, however, don’t know the difference between a carrier route, a ZIP Code, and a ZIP+4.  What’s the difference between a carrier route and other postal geographies, and how can carrier routes help your business?  Today, MarketMAPS explains a little […]

Advice for Redesigning your Sales Territories

August 16, 2012


When you originally design your sales territories, you are trying to organize your workload, balance your revenue potential, and increase the efficiency of your sales force.  Ideally, you won’t need to redesign your sales territories for a while.  But, a few things can change in within your company that require you to redesign your territories […]

Why Postal Addresses are Still Relevant for Marketers

August 13, 2012


Times are changing.  More and more businesses are turning to email and social media campaigns to advertise and promote special offers.  But, this doesn’t mean that direct mailing (to actual postal addresses ) is no longer relevant.  In fact, direct mailing to postal addresses is even more important today.  MarketMAPS looks at what the experts have […]

Education Maps: New Maps Help Parents Choose Schools

August 7, 2012


The new school year is quickly approaching.  Parents obviously want to know if the school they are sending their children to is the best.  Sure, there are plenty of online resources that will tell you school rankings and other statistics.  But the visual aid of a map can help you better understand where your ideal […]

Which ZIP Codes Spend the Most on Fine Dining

August 6, 2012


Businesses often look at demographic data based on ZIP Codes.  This gives them a good idea of the ages, genders, and incomes of their customers, and also helps them understand variations between neighborhoods.  An article recently published by the Birmingham Business Journal shows which ZIP Codes in their city spend the most on fine dining.  MarketMAPS […]

Maps vs. GPS

July 31, 2012


Online maps and GPS’s may be the preferred tools for navigation, but paper maps still have their place.  While GPS devices display accurate and detailed transportation routes, physical maps provide you with choices and a bigger picture.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the pros and cons of both maps and GPS devices.    One wilderness enthusiast […]