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Happy GIS Day!

November 18, 2015


At MarketMAPS we offer a wide range of GIS products to enhance business performance.

Targeting the Right Customers for Your Pizza Franchise

September 18, 2012


It would be pretty difficult to find a neighborhood that doesn’t have a popular local pizza shop.  Yet, some pizza franchises aren’t targeting the right customers, and their sales are suffering as a result.  MarketMAPS shows you how to go about targeting the best customers for your pizza franchise.     The pizza shop has […]

How to Start Targeting your Clients

September 11, 2012


The process of studying potential customers doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it is very important.  Identifying the people that are most likely to respond to your direct mail, take advantage of your offers, and buy your products can improve your business exponentially.  Since there are more than a few businesses that don’t […]

Advice from the Map Specialists: How to Set Up Effective Sales Territories

August 8, 2012


MarketMAPS provides businesses with maps to help them better visualize, and manage their sales territories.  But how do you create the most efficient sales territories?  Lots of planning goes into creating sales territories even before you sit down to map out your boundaries.  Today, MarketMAPS gives your business advice on how to create effective sales […]

How Businesses Benefit from Demographic Targeting

July 27, 2012


MarketMAPS publishes the most accurate demographic maps available.  Although, many businesses still don’t know how to use demographic maps or what purposes they serve.  Many companies are unaware of the benefits of using demographic targeting in their business strategies.  Today, MarketMAPS explores how businesses benefit from demographic maps and demographic targeting.  So, take a seat and […]

A Better Year for Housing

February 22, 2012


The housing market is showing signs of life, according to analysts.  Sales of previously occupied homes are at their highest since May 2010.  A larger number of first-time buyers are making purchases and the supply of homes fell last month to its lowest point in nearly seven years.  Home sales have risen almost 13 percent […]

Who to Target? Knowing Your Key Customers

December 2, 2011


You’ve created a product or brand and you’re ready to start selling just in time for the holiday season. So who do you target? This is a valid question and an especially important one for start up businesses. More often than not the answer won’t just throw itself at you; you’re going to have to […]