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Tips For Covering a Large Sales Territory

November 8, 2012


If you have sales reps in the field that are covering large territories, chances are you need a way to make each sales trip as effective as possible.  MarketMAPS shows you ways to maximize efficiency within your large sales territories.     Make Use of Technology Laptops and smartphones have made it easier for sales […]

Accuracy Matters, Just Ask Apple Maps

November 1, 2012


After a long period of silence, Apple has finally opened up about its sub-par map application for iOS6.  MarketMAPS takes a look at what Apple has learned from releasing a product that doesn’t quite meet expectations.    When Apple released its mapping application using its own data sources rather than relying on Google Maps data, […]

Flood Maps Help Prepare Citizens

July 24, 2012


All across the globe, flood maps are used to help keep citizens informed and safe.  They are also used to help assess property insurance and home value.  MarketMAPS , a leading provider of digital and physical maps, looks at how flood maps are used and what their value is to community members and home owners.  […]

Maps Show How the Internet Literally Connects the World

July 17, 2012


While we look at our computer screens and load our web browser pages with lightning-fast speed, we often forget how tangible the internet really is.  Recently published by GeoTel Communications, a series of maps shows the immense network of fiber-optic cables that literally connect the world.  Spanning all across the globe, these internet cables keep […]

How a Demographic Shift Will Affect Road Safety

July 16, 2012


In California, projections show that over the next few decades the number of young people and the number of older people living in the state will increase dramatically, while the number of middle-aged residents isn’t expected to grow as much.  Demographics have an effect on everything from voting to business performance to shopping habits.  MarkertMAPS ( […]

How Hot is it? Take a Look at These Maps

July 12, 2012


This summer could go on record as one of the hottest in history.  With the recent fires in Colorado and power outages across the country, it makes one wonder: just how hot is it?  MarketMAPS  looks at new informational maps published by the National Climate Data Center and what they tell us about our summer […]

US Senator Raises Concerns over Apple’s 3D Maps

July 3, 2012


The advanced mapping technology used by companies like Apple and Google to create their recently revealed 3D maps has stirred up some controversy in Washington .  A New York Senator has raised concerns over Apple and Google’s “military-grade spy planes” and their powerful 3D mapping techniques.  As a publisher of some of the most detailed geographic […]