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Digital Maps, Map Books, and Wall Maps; Oh My

January 4, 2013


Maps come in all shapes, sizes, and formats.  MarketMAPS shows you how businesses make use of different map formats and how to choose the right format for your needs.      Digital Maps Digital maps are growing in popularity.  These are downloadable maps of specific areas—a state, county, city, or custom radius—which can be saved […]

Maps Within Maps

November 30, 2012


People are getting creative with map making.  They are even making maps within maps!  MarketMAPS takes a look.    GPS technology has paved the way for new and innovative forms of map making.  Combining his passion for cycling, maps, and art, Baltimore-based artist Michael Wallace uses his bike like a paintbrush, creating maps and other […]

Advice from the Map Specialists: How to Set Up Effective Sales Territories

August 8, 2012


MarketMAPS provides businesses with maps to help them better visualize, and manage their sales territories.  But how do you create the most efficient sales territories?  Lots of planning goes into creating sales territories even before you sit down to map out your boundaries.  Today, MarketMAPS gives your business advice on how to create effective sales […]

New Jersey Township Denied ZIP Code Change

August 1, 2012


It isn’t often that we realize how important ZIP Codes are for individuals and businesses.  Not only do we rely on our ZIP Codes to receive mail, but businesses rely on ZIP Codes to target direct mail, locate customers, and much more.  Today, MarketMAPS looks at a township in New Jersey that was recently denied a ZIP […]

Maps vs. GPS

July 31, 2012


Online maps and GPS’s may be the preferred tools for navigation, but paper maps still have their place.  While GPS devices display accurate and detailed transportation routes, physical maps provide you with choices and a bigger picture.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the pros and cons of both maps and GPS devices.    One wilderness enthusiast […]

Census Report Reveals Varying Degrees of US Internet Access

July 25, 2012


A recent report released by the US Census Bureau shows the varying degrees of internet access across the US.  Based on the 2010 Census, about 75% of homes in the US have internet access—although some states are well above (and below) that number.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the US’s internet access and how knowing […]

Flood Maps Help Prepare Citizens

July 24, 2012


All across the globe, flood maps are used to help keep citizens informed and safe.  They are also used to help assess property insurance and home value.  MarketMAPS , a leading provider of digital and physical maps, looks at how flood maps are used and what their value is to community members and home owners.  […]