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2013: The Year of Instant Deliveries

December 20, 2012


There is a big shift coming in 2013 as many online companies begin offering same-day deliveries.  How will this affect your business?  MarketMAPS takes a look.    People have been making online purchases for almost 20 years.  But while shopping in your pajamas while sipping a cup of hot coffee has its perks, you still […]

History of the US’s First “Fast” Delivery Route

October 24, 2012


If you wanted a fast means of communication with California in the 1860’s, the Pony Express was your answer.  MarketMAPS takes a look at America’s first “fast” delivery route.  With the discovery of gold in California back in 1848, thousands of prospectors headed out west to find their fortunes.  By the 1850’s, California’s population had grown to […]

Tips to Improve Your Pizza Deliveries

August 23, 2012


As one of the top providers of delivery maps for pizza franchises, restaurants, and delivery companies, MarketMAPS knows how important it is to get your deliveries right.  We’ve worked closely with all types of delivery businesses and over the years we’ve come up with a few tips to help you improve your deliveries.  For pizza […]

Flood Maps Help Prepare Citizens

July 24, 2012


All across the globe, flood maps are used to help keep citizens informed and safe.  They are also used to help assess property insurance and home value.  MarketMAPS , a leading provider of digital and physical maps, looks at how flood maps are used and what their value is to community members and home owners.  […]

A Look at One of West Virginia’s Toughest Postal Routes

July 9, 2012


Most of us receive our daily mail delivery with ease.  The struggles of our postman hardly ever enter into our thoughts, but a mail delivery route can be treacherous.  An article recently published in Charleston’s takes readers through one of the West Virginian city’s toughest postal routes: through hills and wilderness, usually in unbearably hot […]