Digital Maps, Map Books, and Wall Maps; Oh My

Posted on January 4, 2013


Maps come in all shapes, sizes, and formats.  MarketMAPS shows you how businesses make use of different map formats and how to choose the right format for your needs. 



Digital Maps

Digital maps are growing in popularity.  These are downloadable maps of specific areas—a state, county, city, or custom radius—which can be saved and viewed on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


People have begun to gravitate toward digital maps for a few reasons.  Firstly, they are smaller than physical maps.  Also, you don’t need internet access to view a downloaded digital map.  A digital map can be a great asset to a business that has geographic sales territories, franchise territories, or any business that needs a way to geographically manage marketing.


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Map Books

A map book divides a map into pages so each page illustrates a detailed section of the map.  Map books include street and address indexes, which make finding specific locations as easy as reading a table of contents.  An address index will tell you which page of the map book an address is on, and where on that page it is located.  Map books are great tools for delivery drivers, sales people, and other professionals that need to be familiar with the addresses, streets, and business locations within their service area.



Wall Maps

A wall map is a physical map that can be mounted, stuck, or nailed to the wall.  They come in sizes up to 9 x 12 feet, and they can display a variety of information—from demographics to custom territories to crime statistics and more.  Wall maps provide vast options for businesses looking to visualize important data.  They can be drawn on, marked, colored, shaded, pinned, hung, and framed.


For many companies, wall maps are indispensable tools used to organize marketing, deliveries, territories, direct mail and more.  They can be hung in restaurants or real estate offices to help familiarize employees with their service areas.  They can be displayed in sales offices to help sales people visualize their territory boundaries.  Wall maps help you manage any area of your business affected by geography, locations, or demographics.


If you need help deciding which map format best suits your needs, contact MarketMAPSMarketMAPS has over 25 years experience publishing digital maps, map books, and wall maps.  We can provide you with the map you need in the format that’s right for you.


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