The Word of 2012: ‘Demographics’

Posted on January 3, 2013


2012 was an amazing year!  Demographics affected everything from the elections to the housing market.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the large impact of demographics on the US in 2012. 


Demographic Maps

2012 marked the first year in US history where more babies of minority status were born than white babies.  This trend of increasing racial and ethnic diversity echoed throughout the year as we saw an increasing number of minority franchise owners, and more minorities attending 4-year universities than ever before.


But the area where demographics played the largest role was in this year’s elections.  While conservatives targeted their typical voter base, Obama and the Democrats tried appealing to minorities, younger voters, and women—all growing demographic groups in the US.  Their strategy paid off.  Obama’s targeted political message earned him 4 more years in the White House.


In the 2012 elections, we also saw a large amount of senators and representatives of minority status elected to office, including 100 women and 43 African-Americans.


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Many analysts believe that demographic trends that began in 2012 will help improve the dismal housing market in 2013.  Baby Boomers have entered the age group where they are most likely to buy a home, and their children have entered the age group where they are significantly more likely to own a home.


In 2012, demographics affected everything from elections, to the housing market, to television ratings.  And you can expect demographic trends in 2013 to affect a large range of things as well.  If you own a business, staying up-to-date on demographic trends is vital to your success.


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