2013: The Year of Instant Deliveries

Posted on December 20, 2012


There is a big shift coming in 2013 as many online companies begin offering same-day deliveries.  How will this affect your business?  MarketMAPS takes a look. 


Image via blog.wedelivertheworld.co.uk

People have been making online purchases for almost 20 years.  But while shopping in your pajamas while sipping a cup of hot coffee has its perks, you still have to wait a day, or many days for delivery of your online purchases.  A few companies are looking to change that in 2013. 


Instant gratification—buying and receiving a product in the same day—is something only brick-and-mortar stores have been able to offer.  But in 2013, Shutl.com is offering to delivery items to online shoppers within minutes of a sale.  The London-based ecommerce site is trialing its service in New York and San Francisco.


Image via caspianpublishing.com

Shutl.com will deliver goods bought online from retailers who have stores within a 10 mile radius of a delivery address. The service uses foot, bike, and vehicle couriers to get goods from point A to point B.  Avoiding the mistakes of past ecommerce sites that offered instant deliveries, Shutl.com will use messengers at existing courier services, piggybacking on their existing capacity.


Image via businessinsider.com

Shutl.com isn’t the only company offering instant deliveries for shoppers in 2013.  FedEx, UPS, and Amazon have all launched same-day delivery services as well.  2013 is shaping up to be the year of instant gratification.


San Francisco Map

And now the pressure is on for many businesses.  With companies like Shutl.com and Amazon offering same-day delivery, customers are expecting faster deliveries of their items.  How can your business make more efficient deliveries?  Start with the right maps.  MarketMAPS publishes the most detailed, precise street maps of the US.  Use our wall maps and map books to create delivery areas, plan delivery routes, and much more.


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