America’s Most Productive Metro Areas

Posted on December 18, 2012


Learn which metro areas have the most to offer your business.  MarketMAPS looks at America’s most productive metro areas


San Jose Metro Area Map


We can learn a lot by looking at the local factors that fuel economic growth in America’s most productive metro areas.  Each of these metros has had substantial GDP growth over the last few years (enough to bring them out of the recession in record time).


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San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara—California

Silicon Valley’s nurturing climate for technology companies has helped this metro area grow substantially.  Its productivity rating is the highest in the nation: 1.82


Boston-Cambridge-Quincy—Massachusetts & New Hampshire

This metro is one of the safest in the nation, one of the most competitive for private colleges, and one of the best places for seniors.  It is also one of the most productive with a productivity rating of 1.42


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Minneapolis-St. Paul—Minnesota

19 of Minnesota’s 20 fortune 500 companies are located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro.  It has the second largest economy out of any Midwest state, behind only Chicago.  A growing medical supplies industry has given this metro a productivity rating of 1.31


Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington—Texas

A large farming and ranching industry, the largest information technology sector in the state, and a slew of oil and defense manufacturers have made the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area one of the most productive in the country with a rating of 1.30


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