4 Unusual Geography Facts

Posted on December 14, 2012


We’re certain you’ve never heard these strange pieces of geographic trivia.  MarketMAPS shares 4 unusual geography facts. 


Image via photos.rossfinlayson.com

The Shortest Place Name

In both Sweden and Norway, there is a town with a rather simple name: “Å.”  In Scandinavian, Å means river, which is why both the Norwegians and the Swedes have towns with this short name.  Sign posts for the town are frequently stolen for their novelty value.

Image via en.rian.ru

The Coldest and Warmest Seas in the World

Located near its western border with Finland, Russia’s White Sea has the distinction of being the coldest sea in the world.  You wouldn’t want to go swimming in these waters: temperatures have been known to be lower than freezing during winter months.  The Persian Gulf, on the other hand, definitely has comfortable swimming conditions.  This sea, which has coasts along Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, has been known to reach temperatures of almost 100 degrees!

National Geographic Atlantic Ocean Map

The Longest Mountain Range on Earth

What do you think: the Andes, the Rockies, or the Appalachians?   How about the Himalayas?  All wrong.  The longest mountain range on Earth is actually underwater.  The Mid-Atlantic Ridge spans 25,000 miles.  It stretches from Iceland all the way to the Andes in South America.

Alaska Wall Map

The Most Eastern, Northern, and Western State in the US

Alaska is the northernmost state in the US and it is also the most western-reaching state.  But because part of the state is in the Eastern Hemisphere, it also counts as the most eastern-reaching state.

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