Creating a Food Atlas

Posted on December 12, 2012


Guerrilla cartography.  Now that’s a term you don’t hear very often.  MarketMAPS shows you how guerrilla cartographers in Northern California have created maps for one purpose: to tell you everything you need to know about food. 


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From America’s global almond trade to taco trucks in East Oakland, Food: An Atlas is a comprehensive collection of food maps created by guerrilla cartographers Darin Jensen and Molly Roy.  Their project includes over 60 maps at the neighborhood, national, regional, and global level. 


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With contributions from researchers, artists, and foodies, the duo raised enough money to publish over 1,000 copies of their unique atlas.  The first map in the collection shows the accessibility of farmers’ markets in America’s largest metro areas. 



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Another map shows the production and slaughter of pork, beef, and poultry in Maryland. 




Ever wonder what foods are typically eaten in the Eastern Mediterranean region?  There’s a map for that. 


Darin Jensen and Molly Roy’s atlas proves that maps can be used to communicate almost any piece of information.  If you’re looking to create a custom map of anywhere in the US or the world, contact MarketMAPS.  Whether you want a map of your favorite restaurants or a map of your ideal vacation spots, MarketMAPS can create the map you need.  Click hereand get started on your custom map.


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