Marketing Basics: Targeting Direct Mail

Posted on December 11, 2012


Today, MarketMAPS gives you a brief lesson in marketing basics.  Use these tips to create an effective, targeted direct mail campaign. 


ZIP Code Maps of the New York City Metro Area

Direct mail may seem like an ancient, almost out-of-date tool for marketers, but it has endured so long because it is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers.  If you’re not convinced of the value of direct mail, here are some facts to change your mind.

  • 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately
  • Direct mail allows you to put your message directly into your customers’ hands
  • Direct mail campaigns are easy to measure and allow you to see exactly how effective they are for your company


And perhaps most importantly…


  • With direct mail campaigns, you can target a specific group of individuals who are most likely to want or need the products and services. This means a higher ROI than if you were to do mass advertising, like a TV or print advertisement


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The first step in creating a targeted direct mail campaign is deciding who your audience is.  Who is most likely to buy your products and where do they live?  With a bit of research and a demographic map, you can answer these questions.  Identify your target demographic (using factors such as age, gender, income, and household size) and locate the highest concentration of that demographic segment on a map.


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The next step in targeting direct mail is to select the ZIP Codes, ZIP+4’s and Carrier Routes where your target demographic lives.  By targeting demographics at the postal level (by ZIP, ZIP+4, or Carrier Route) you will maximize postal discounts and your direct mail will reach the people most likely to respond.


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Increase ROI this holiday season by sending direct mail to the people most likely to purchase your products.  If you need demographic or postal maps to plan your targeted direct mail campaigns, contact MarketMAPS.  We offer the highest quality demographic data as well as USPS CASS Certification compatible, monthly-updated ZIP Code and Carrier Route maps.


Contact MarketMAPS today.  Our accurate, up-to-date maps can help you create effective direct mail campaigns