Business Locations: Which Businesses Will Be Affected Most By Climate Change

Posted on December 7, 2012


The geographic location of your business is important, especially when that location makes it possible for you to grow, farm, or create your product.  But with rising sea levels and record-high temperatures, many industries are becoming threatened.  MarketMAPS looks at the businesses that will be affected most by climate change. 


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There are only certain places where coffee can grow, and one of those places is in Ethiopia.  Arabica coffee beans are some of the most popular in the world, but they may quickly become extinct due to climate change.  Researchers used climate models to predict the future of the Arabica coffee trees in the mountains and southwestern highlands of Ethiopia.  Under the best-case scenario—meaning fewer emissions and less warming—only a third of today’s range would still be suitable for coffee by 2080.


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The best wine grapes grow in Mediterranean-style climates.  This means California’s Napa Valley, Chile, Spain, France, and Italy.  But with rising temperatures, we could see a steep decline in wine quality.  Climate change could bring about changes in soil erosion, insect populations, and flooding, causing wine growers to seek out new business locations.  Although many of the world’s vineyards have produced wine for hundreds of years, they may be all but barren 50 years from now.


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Mountain resort towns like Aspen, Colorado and beach cities like New port Beach, California may be in for smaller crowds during their tourist seasons.  With climate change affecting temperatures all over the world, popular tourism spots stand to lose business.  Companies that charter whale-watching trips off San Diego’s coast may have to relocate if the whale’s change their migration patterns.


The location of your business is one of the most important factors to your success.  Every business wants to find a location that will withstand any hardship or disaster.


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