How to Reach Male Shoppers This Holiday Season

Posted on December 5, 2012


Reaching your target customers means knowing where they spend most of their time, and establishing a presence there.  MarketMAPS gives you tips for reaching male shoppers this holiday season. 


US Demographic Map

As many businesses already know, you can’t market to men the same way you market to women.  Men watch different commercials, are attracted to different things, and even use a different language than women.  Typically, marketers have thought it more difficult to reach men, but one research group has found a way.


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On average, men use mobile searches and apps more than women do.  They access mobile banking twice as much as women do and generally spend more time on their mobile devices.  mediaFORGE, in conjunction with, ran a series of gender-targeted mobile ads to try and reduce site abandonment.


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Many believe that men aren’t too responsive to gender-specific ads, but this experiment proved otherwise.  When men viewed the gender-targeted ads on their mobile devices, they were more likely revisit websites they had previously abandoned.  Also, gender-targeted ads on mobile devices generated 5 times more revenue than gender-neutral ads.


mediaFORGE’s statistics seem to indicate that, if you want to target male shoppers this holiday season, you should try advertising on their phones.


Targeting a specific demographic segment begins with having the right data.  MarketMAPS offers the highest-quality demographic maps and data to help you gain valuable insights into your customers’ interests, lifestyles, and spending habits.  Using our maps, you can create better targeted marketing campaigns for the holidays.


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