Wedding Bells and Dollar Signs: Businesses that Target Married Couples

Posted on November 27, 2012


MarketMAPS shows you which businesses benefit most from targeting married couples.  


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A majority of married couples in the US consist of two working individuals.  With man and wife employed full-time, chances are most couples don’t have enough time to spend on home repairs and household chores.  This has made targeting married couples a great marketing strategy for home service businesses.


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Home Renovation Services

Married couples want to invest in their homes and make them more livable, but their busy schedules can get in the way.   More couples are paying for home renovation services to help them stay where they are.


Catering Services

Career couples are having almost every social occasion catered, and busy families who are tired of living on take-out are spending more on having food brought in.


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Cleaning Services

With both members of a household working, there is usually little time for housework.  There’s currently a heavy demand for cleaning services, and the demand for domestic cleaning services will only increase.


Sewing and Alteration Services

Sewing hasn’t yet become a lost art.  A job that traditionally fell on the shoulders of housewives now gets “outsourced” to people outside the household.  The demand for other people to provide these services is on a steady rise.


Targeting married couples will continue to be a popular marketing strategy among several businesses.  Do you know who your target market is?  If you need an effective way to locate and target customers, try a demographic mapDemographic maps help you visualize important information about your customers such as age, income, marital status, and more. 


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