Targeting Diversity in Your Direct Mail

Posted on November 20, 2012


Changing demographics means new opportunities for your business.  MarketMAPS shows you how you can use direct mail to target an increasingly diverse customer base. 


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It’s indisputable: the US is becoming increasingly diverse.  If demographic trends are correct, America may become a majority-minority nation within the next 50 years.  How can your business cater to the needs of your increasingly diverse customer base?  Start by looking at demographics.


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A demographic map of your area can show you many things.  Firstly, it shows you the size of the total population around your store.  If you haven’t looked at this information already, it is a great way of determining whether or not there is a large enough market to support your business location.  But demographics can tell you much more than population size.


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When you are targeting your direct mail, look for the races, ethnicities,  and languages in your area.  Since direct mail is all about communicating directly with your customers, you need to know the languages your customers speak, as well as their cultural backgrounds.  If you do advertise in different languages, however, make sure you do your research.  Pepsi marketed its “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” to Asian Americans, but in Chinese it read “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead!”


With demographic maps, you can find new opportunities in diverse neighborhoods.  Use the highest quality demographic data to target diverse cities, ZIP Codes, even drive time and radius areas for your direct mail.  If you need a demographic map of anywhere in the US, contact MarketMAPS.  We provide you with the maps and data you need to launch an effective direct mail campaign.


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