Asking the Right Questions About Your Potential Business Site

Posted on November 15, 2012


Ask any professional.  They will tell you that location is the single most important thing in a business.  MarketMAPS shows you the right questions to ask when you’re choosing a new business site. 


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There are so many things to consider when selecting a new business site.  The size of the site, the direction the windows are facing, the neighborhood crime rates: these all play a large role in whether or not your new business location is successful.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself (and maybe even your potential landlord) before selecting a business site.


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Is the site large enough for your business? Does it have room for all retail, office, storage or workroom space you need?

Are there competitors located close to the site? If so, can you compete with them successfully?

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Is the site located in a safe neighborhood with low crime rates?


Is the site consistent with the image you’d like to maintain?


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Can you find a number of qualified employees in the area in which the facility is located?


Do people you want for customers live nearby? Is the population density of the area sufficient for your sales needs?


These are just starting points, but from these questions you get an idea of the factors that have the largest impact on your business: demographics, competing businesses, and crime.  Maps can help you visualize these factors and put them in perspective.


Before you select a new business site, use a map to answer the important questions.  MarketMAPS provides the most accurate and up-to-date maps for businesses.  We offer custom maps of anywhere in the US and worldwide.  Our maps include all the content necessary to help you evaluate your business site—the highest quality demographic data, the most up-to-date business location dataeven crime risk information.


Contact MarketMAPS today.  We can help you evaluate and select the right site for your business

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