4 Ways to Reinvent Your Business

Posted on November 9, 2012


Citibank recently surveyed small businesses and asked how they were planning on reinventing themselves in 2013.  MarketMAPS takes a look at some of the top ways these small businesses are changing things up. 


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53% of small business owners say they have stayed afloat by reinventing their business.  Maybe it’s time you took an honest look at your business and decide if you could use an overhaul.  Here are some suggestions for ways to change things up.

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New Products and Services

47 percent of the businesses Citibank surveyed planned to overhaul their product or service offerings.


Internal Changes

24 percent planned to revamp their infrastructure, such as adding new technology or staff members, while 18 percent wanted to revamp their sales and marketing.


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Slash Prices

7% of businesses planned to cut their prices or take less of a profit.


Location, Location, Location

3% percent of businesses thought that a new location and a change of scenery would help their sales.


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You’ve got to stay up-to-date in your industry, and that may mean making big changes or completely overhauling your business.  All the methods mentioned above take a pretty large amount of organization and planning.  Luckily, MarketMAPS is here to help.


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We can help you use demographics to determine what new products and services your customers will be attracted to.  Our high quality maps can help you choose better business locations and target new areas for your marketing campaigns.  MarketMAPS publishes the most complete selection of wall maps, digital maps, and map books for anywhere in the US and worldwide.


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