How to Eat Like a Local Wherever You Go

Posted on November 2, 2012


There’s always a downside when travelling to a new, exotic location.  Mainly, how do you know which restaurants are the local hotspots and which restaurants are simply tourist traps?  Wherever you may be going this holiday season, MarketMAPS shows you how to eat like a local. 


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Ask the Locals

Taxi drivers, street vendors, even people you meet on the road can tell you some of the best local hangouts and restaurants.  They can give you good advice about each specialty restaurant and a general evaluation about the quality of the food.

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Use Online Resources

Plan ahead.  Research any restaurants that are recommended to you or that you are curious about.  With sources like Lonely Planet, and Trip Advisor, you can find reviews about restaurants, and evaluations on each individual dish.


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Follow the Crowd

As we all know, the better a restaurant is, the more people know about it.  During lunch and dinner times, see which restaurants are more crowded than others.  Basing your decision solely on crowd size could be a gamble, but chances are your choice will pay off.


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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Usually, the old, small, decrepit restaurants get passed over by travelers in favor of the larger, flashier establishments.  But these smaller joints are most likely better than some of the larger eateries.  If an old restaurant catches your eye, don’t judge it before you try it.


When you’re travelling this holiday season, try something new: try experiencing the local cuisine.  And when you are planning your trips, let MarketMAPS be your travelling resource.  We publish the most accurate wall maps, map books, and digital maps.  We can create custom maps that mark the locations of your favorite restaurants or any locations important to you. 


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