Accuracy Matters, Just Ask Apple Maps

Posted on November 1, 2012


After a long period of silence, Apple has finally opened up about its sub-par map application for iOS6.  MarketMAPS takes a look at what Apple has learned from releasing a product that doesn’t quite meet expectations. 


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When Apple released its mapping application using its own data sources rather than relying on Google Maps data, the reaction was mostly negative.  The maps lacked detail, identified businesses and airports in completely different locations, and even misspelled city names.  Users thought the maps were inaccurate and almost unusable.


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The problem is that the location data used for the Apple map application is less comprehensive than that used by Google Maps.  Thus, major hotels in Tokyo are missing and the app can’t find the large Paddington Station in London. And that’s just a couple of examples.


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But Apple has a plan.  According to rumors, Apple is actively trying to hire developers that have had experience working with Google Maps.  Apple is following a strategy of luring away former Google Maps employees who helped to develop one of the best mapping tools on the market.


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