Demographics and Elections

Posted on October 30, 2012


Election Day in the US is just 1 week away!  Today, MarketMAPS takes a look at American demographic trends, and how they can affect the outcome of this year’s elections. 

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America is becoming increasingly diverse.  Last year, more minority-race babies were born than white American babies.  This is a strong indication that, within perhaps 1 or 2 generations, America will become a majority-minority nation.  For the 2008 election, this demographic trend worked in President Obama’s favor, leading him into the oval office.


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Most political analysts will agree that minorities such as Hispanics and African-Americans traditionally vote Democrat.  Women are also typically big supporters of the Democratic Party.  But this election year, an increasingly diverse population may not work in Obama’s favor.


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According to Gallup, Obama has fewer supporters among every demographic category than he did in 2008.  Against Senator John McCain, Obama had a 22-point lead among voters 30 years old and under, a 72-point lead among non-white voters, and a 14-point lead among women.  But this year, his lead has shrunk.  Check the above chart to see by how much his lead has declined.


Politicians have been targeting demographic segments of the population for a long time, and each political party has its own target demographic.  This strategy of demographic targeting can also be applied to your business.  Using demographic maps, like those provided by MarketMAPS, you can gain insights into your target customers.  You can find out where they are, and design marketing campaigns that address their concerns. 



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