Grow Your Sales Territories

Posted on October 23, 2012


Growing your sales territories takes a combination of patience, persistence, motivation, and the right sales people.  MarketMAPS shares some tips to help your sales territories grow. 

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Don’t be afraid to prospect new accounts and new business. 

Have confidence in your products and services.  Go after new accounts and new business.  And don’t fear rejection; it is just another step closer to success.


Become professional with your planned presentations

Whether it is to 1 customer or to a key group of decision makers, have your sales reps perfect their 25-word elevator speech.  Make sure their speech clearly outlines the value of your products and services.


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Don’t chase orders, chase customers

Be willing to lose an order, but fight aggressively never to lose a customer.


Your objective is to identify the customer’s needs, not to just take an order

For every sales call, your job should be to find out what the customer really needs.  Take pride in being a solution provider and demand creator instead of a demand fulfiller.


If you are serious about sales territory growth, then you are going to need the right tools.  Maps can be great organizational and planning tools.  For ways to organize your sales territories and plan for growth, contact MarketMAPS.  We create custom sales territory maps to your specifications.  We map your sales territory boundaries and can include information such as demographics, sales data, store locations, and much more.


Contact MarketMAPS today.  We can help you organize and grow your sales territories

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