100 Places You Need to Visit: Ibiza, Spain

Posted on October 15, 2012


This just may be the party capital of the world.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the beautiful island community of Ibiza, Spain.

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Located in the Mediterranean Sea just 79 kilometers off the coast of Valencia, Spain, sits Ibiza.  You would never guess that much goes on in this small island.  But Ibiza has a notoriously vivacious night-life, as well as some of the most unique scenery in the world.


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During the summer, top producers and DJ’s come to Ibiza, usually in between touring other international destinations.  They often use the clubs in Ibiza to showcase new music in the house, trance, and techno genres.  Ibiza’s club scene has a reputation for getting a bit out of hand, but if you’re looking to party into the daylight hours while some of the most popular music producers create the soundtrack, then Ibiza is the place for you.


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That isn’t to say that Ibiza is ONLY known for its club scene.  Far from it.  Ibiza’s natural beauty is famous as well.  God’s Finger is a rock formation that juts out of Ibiza’s coast—a natural, awe-inspiring structure.  Benirras Bay is a protected historical sight.  The bay is a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motor boats who gather in the late afternoon to enjoy the romantic sundown—often accompanied by the drummers who descend to the beach to ‘drum down the sunset’.


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