Are Sales Territories Essential?

Posted on October 11, 2012


Are sales territories absolutely necessary for organizing your sales numbers, leads, and sales potential?  MarketMAPS explores this question. 

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Some companies do find success without the use of sales territories.  But for other companies, sales territories are essential for establishing accountability and diminishing conflicts.


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Sales territories can be organized vertically or geographically.  A vertical sales territory is one in which each sales rep is assigned to a specific industry (one sales rep handles all clients in the auto industry, another handles all clients in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.).  Vertical territories work well if your company’s products appeal to a few “sweet spot” industries.


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If your products appeal to a wide range of consumers and businesses however, you may want to use geographic sales territories.  Each rep is assigned a specific geographic region and attends to all clients within that region regardless of their industry.


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Hungry sales reps are known for doing whatever it takes to land a sale, including taking a client that may not be theirs.  Clearly established sales boundaries will help you create areas of equal potential, and will minimize conflicts between sales reps since accountability is assigned by region or industry.


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Have you decided that sales territories are necessary for your business?  Your next step would be to find a good map.  MarketMAPS produces the finest sales territory maps of anywhere in the US and the world.  We outline and shade your custom sales boundaries and can include locations, demographics, sales data, and other information to make your sales territory map exactly what you need.


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