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Posted on October 10, 2012


A relaxing vacation at a 5-star, beach-side resort just doesn’t do it for some people.  Some people need more.  Are you hungry for adventure?  MarketMAPS shows you the top adventure destinations in the US. 

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Camping with the Alaskan Brown Bears

At the Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations Bear Camp, you can observe wild brown bears from a quiet meadow, or on a platform 15 feet above the bears’ feeding ground.  It isn’t unusual to see up to 20 of these half-ton bears from your Bear Camp camping site.


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Hiking Washington’s Glacier Peak

If you happen to be walking the Pacific Crest Trail, challenge yourself with a hike up this mountain.  To reach the peak, it takes 5 miles of walking along the White Chuck River Trail and then it’s only another 10,000 feet up the Sitkum Glacier.


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Bodysurfing The Wedge in California

Newport Beach, California isn’t just any other tourist destination.  Sure, it has its fair share of beach resorts, boutique shops, and a great nightlife, but The Wedge is the main attraction for thrill-seekers.  During Pacific storm cycles, waves at this beach can reach as high as 30 feet.  They’re too steep for surfers but perfect for the ultimate man-versus-nature contest: bodysurfing.


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Exploring Florida’s Fresh-Water Caves

The northwestern corner of Florida hides a beautiful secret: adventurous fresh-water diving sites.  The Devil’s cave system is one of the most intricate underwater cave systems in the state.  Claustrophobes beware: some of the cave’s tightest swim-throughs require you to remove your air tank to squeeze through.  Now that’s extreme!


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