The Most Demographically Diverse US Cities

Posted on October 9, 2012


America is becoming an increasingly diverse nation.  Many suggest that within the next 50 years, the US will become a majority-minority country.  What does this mean for businesses?  MarketMAPS takes a look at the US’s most demographically diverse cities. 

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A new study from Pennsylvania State University’s Sociology department has pointed out the steep increase in diversity over the last few decades.  The study, written by Barrett Lee, John Iceland, and Gregory Sharp, states, “The United States, once ‘white-dominant,’ is increasingly multi-hued, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic.”


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The study measures diversity using a scale of 0-100 (0 signifying no racial or ethnic diversity, 100 signifying total diversity where all groups represent equal proportions of the population).  The most diverse cities as well as their index scores are below:


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Vallejo, California – 89.3

San Francisco, California – 85.3

Stockton, California – 82.4

Washington, DC – 80.8

New York, New York – 80.5

Many businesses offer ethnic-specific products and target certain ethnicities within their advertising.  With increasing diversity comes a need for businesses to change and adapt to new customers and new markets.  But how can your business keep up with changing demographics?


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