What Can You Put on Your Custom Map?

Posted on October 4, 2012


Have you ever thought of including a custom map in your publication?  On your website?  As a home decoration?  MarketMAPS shows you the numerous things you can include on a custom map and the different uses for custom maps. 


A custom map can be made of any area: a city you plan on starting your business in, a country you want to visit, your local community…You can use things like ZIP Code, county, and city boundaries to define your map coverage area.  Or, you can create a custom map of any area using radius, drive time, and specific north, east, south, west boundaries.


The amount of information you can include on your custom map is limited only by your imagination.  Mark locations with custom graphics.  Schools, airports, delivery addresses; at MarketMAPS, we can mark any locations that interest you with custom graphics.  Include sales data, demographics, and any other information you can think of.


Do you want a map with custom colors, themes, or logos?  No problem.  You have complete control over the style and content of your custom map.  And, our custom maps are available in the format to best suit your needs and applications: Adobe Illustrator and PDF digital file, ArcView and Map Publisher databases, wall maps, map books, and more.


Businesses and individuals have used custom maps as store locators for their websites, as activities for their students, as tools for better business management, and much more.  If you are interested in a custom map of any area in the US or the world, contact MarketMAPS.  We publish custom maps for you to display in your home, use in your classroom, manage your business with…discover new ways of representing data with a custom map.


Contact MarketMAPS today.  We can help you create the map that’s just right for you. 

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