100 Places You Need to Visit: Deception Island, Antarctica

Posted on October 1, 2012


More places you need to visit!  MarketMAPS takes a look at an area that many of you probably would have never considered visiting: Antarctica. 


Deception Island is in South Shetland off the Antarctic Peninsula.  The island was created as a result of  great amounts of volcanic activity.  Because of the volcanic activity, Deception Island is unsuitable for any whaling stations or scientific facilities.  But what the volcanic activity is good for is creating some of the best hot springs in the world.

Historically, Deception Island’s peaceful harbor was used by sailors as a refuge from Antarctic storms.  Recently though, the island has become popular among tourists.  It is an excellent location to see chinstrap penguins, and the hot springs will take anyone’s breath away.

You would never expect Antarctica’s waters to reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  But, amidst the ice and freezing temperatures are beaches as warm as bathwater.  Tourists can explore the many beaches and dip into warm, soothing waters, or dig into the sands to create their own hot tubs!

You can find stunning natural beauty in the most unlikely of places.  If you’re in need of a dip into some of the best hot springs in the world, visit Deception Island for a once in a lifetime experience.  For maps of Antarctica, the US, or anywhere in the world, contact MarketMAPS.  We publish the broadest selection of maps for travel, décor, education, and business management.

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