When to Start Mapping Out Your Sales Territories

Posted on September 20, 2012


If you’re thinking of setting up sales territories for your business, there are a few things you need to consider before you mark those territories onto a map.  MarketMAPS helps you determine when is the right time to start mapping out your sales territories. 

If only it were as simple as drawing your territories onto a map and dividing up your sales team…Unfortunately, creating effective territories takes is a bit more of an in-depth process than that.  It takes a few steps before you can start setting your sales territories onto a map.

Before you map out your territories, do the research.  Select the kinds of companies and individuals you want to sell to, and find out where they are located.  If you already have a good amount of clients, begin ranking them.

Ranking your clients will help you create balanced territories.  Group your customers into A clients, B clients, and C clients.  A clients buy from you consistently and your sales reps rarely need to put much effort into landing their sales.  B clients are less consistent buyers and require a little more effort from your sales reps to land the sale.  C clients are rare buyers and require a lot more work from sales reps for what is usually a small sale.

Divide up your clients into territories so that each territory has a balanced amount of current clients and prospects.  Your sales reps will be happy to receive a territory that presents equal opportunity and growth potential.  Now you are ready to set your territories onto a map.

When you are ready to map out your territories, consult MarketMAPS.  We produce the highest quality sales territory maps of anywhere in the USA and the world.  Sales territory maps are available as wall maps, digital maps, and map books.  Customize your sales territory map by adding demographics, locations, sales data, and other information.


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