Map of San Francisco Shows you the Safe Places to Walk

Posted on September 19, 2012


As a bustling city, San Francisco has its fair share of traffic problems.  Occasionally, these traffic problems affect pedestrians, causing accidents or even deaths.  MarketMAPS looks at a new San Francisco map that shows you the safe places to walk, as well as which streets to avoid at all costs. 

At the rate at which things have been going, San Francisco is on track to have more pedestrian deaths this year than it has in the past 2 years.  It’s scary to think that San Franciscans have so much at risk just by walking down the street.  Luckily, The Bay Citizen, a San Francisco organization, conducted a study through Public Insight Network.

Citizens were asked which areas they thought posed the biggest risks to pedestrians, and what they thought could be done to make the streets and sidewalks safer for those who travel by foot.  In answer to the second part of the question, San Franciscans said they wanted police to more strictly enforce traffic laws, lower speed limits, and even make right turns at red stoplights illegal.

As for the first part of the questions, Public Insight Network took the responses for the most dangerous streets for pedestrians and mapped the results.  Their map marks some of the most dangerous intersections in the city—including Market Street, Van Ness Avenue and Masonic Avenue.  Citizens are hoping this map can help pedestrians avoid areas with heavy traffic, and maybe even save lives.

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