Targeting the Right Customers for Your Pizza Franchise

Posted on September 18, 2012


It would be pretty difficult to find a neighborhood that doesn’t have a popular local pizza shop.  Yet, some pizza franchises aren’t targeting the right customers, and their sales are suffering as a result.  MarketMAPS shows you how to go about targeting the best customers for your pizza franchise.    

The pizza shop has become synonymous with birthday parties, sports gatherings, and special events.  It can be difficult to determine which crowd you want your restaurant to appeal to, but one of the groups that many pizza franchises choose to target are families.

As any restaurant franchise owner knows, getting families to eat at your location is tricky.  But the fist step in targeting customers for your restaurant is to find out how many live near your location, and where they live.

Use demographic maps to identify the neighborhoods that have the largest number of family households.  You can also identify areas that have a large amount of small children.  Those areas are going to be your targeted neighborhoods.  Send your advertisements and special offers to these neighborhoods; use direct mail to make them familiar with your location.

If you need help identifying the demographics of neighborhoods near your store, contact MarketMAPS.   Our demographic maps display demographics such as number of households, income, age, and more.  With a demographic map from MarketMAPS, you can concentrate marketing, target direct mail, and locate the right customers for your pizza franchise.

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