How to Start Targeting your Clients

Posted on September 11, 2012


The process of studying potential customers doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it is very important.  Identifying the people that are most likely to respond to your direct mail, take advantage of your offers, and buy your products can improve your business exponentially.  Since there are more than a few businesses that don’t know how to start this process, MarketMAPS is here to help.  Today, we show you how to start targeting your customers. 

The best way to begin your research is to check the demographics of the area you wish to target.  Some of the most important variables to look for: age, gender, income level, household size.  To check these demographics, you will need a demographic map or some means of visualizing demographic data.

After you’ve examined the demographics of your target area, consider the geography.  Where your customers live affects their choices.  Are they urbanites who walk everywhere?  Are they soccer moms who spend most of their time in the car?  What is the weather like in the area?  Do people do more outdoor or indoor activities?  Answering these questions will help you determine what your customers will buy, how they will buy it, and how you can market to them.

 Find out what your customers need.  If you plan on opening a coffee shop, take a look at other coffee shops in the area.  Do customers quickly go in and out or do they sit and linger?  Do they come in early on their way to work or are they mostly school-aged students that come in after school?  Once you’ve considered the key demographic factors, you can begin to assemble a focused statement that describes your target market in detail.

Targeting your clients can help your marketing campaigns, improve your direct mail response rates, and make your business more informed.  If you need help targeting your clients, contact MarketMAPS.  We’ve been providing businesses with high quality demographic maps for over 25 years.  We create demographic maps for any ZIP Code, city, county, state, or custom area.

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