Producing Refined Sales Territories

Posted on September 7, 2012


A lot of effort goes into creating refined sales territories.  But, the benefits that your business can reap from well-organized territories are well worth the work you put in.  Today, MarketMAPS takes you through the process of creating effective sales territories for your business.  Refine your territories with these tips. 


Step 1 – Map your Information

When creating geographic sales territories, you need to know where your resources are.  This means plotting the locations of your existing customers, pipeline, and prospects.  Adding your existing customers, pipeline, and prospects = your territory potential.

Step 2 – Optimize and Balance Territories

The idea behind creating balanced territories is that each sales region contains equal or similar potential.  There are many ways to organize territories so that they have equal potential:

Revenue Potential

Average Revenue

Customer Count

Opportunity Count


Vertical (Industry)

Step 3 – Map your Territories

Once your territories have been balanced so that each region has an optimal amount of opportunity, create concise geographic boundaries.  Well-designed territory boundaries can minimize disputes between sales reps regarding potential revenue in a given territory.

Step 4 – Refine your Territories

Prioritize leads in all territories.  Know which customers you can count on for steady revenue and which ones you have to work at to get a sale.  Make sure your sales reps with the best historical win rate get the largest territories.

Refined sales territories can make your sales reps happier, and boost your year-to-year numbers.  If you need help designing and mapping the most efficient sales territories, consult MarketMAPS.  We’ve been creating high quality sales territory maps for over 25 years.  Choose the area, styles, themes, and content for your map.  Add demographics and locations to make your sales territory map exactly what you need.

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