Location Maps Dramatically Increase Response Rates

Posted on August 31, 2012


As many marketers already know, direct mail generates some great responses.  Although many companies are turning to solely digital, direct email campaigns, direct mail is still a popular choice for marketers and advertisers.  If your business sends out direct mail, then this article is for you.  MarketMAPS shows you how including a location map in your direct mail dramatically increases response rates. 

 Businesses often promote new store openings by sending out promotional materials to the customers on their mailing lists.  But when a business has multiple store openings, they want to make sure that their mailers are sending their customers to the right store.

Listing the addresses of your new store locations on your direct mail materials is a good idea, but take it a step further with a location map.  Location maps will help customers clearly see the new store locations and identify which store is the closest to them.

Businesses that include location maps on their direct mail materials often see dramatic increases in responses.  It’s not surprising.  Customers will respond to the visuals of a map more than they will to a simple street address.  Location maps compliment your sales message with an immediate, practical call to action.

 Are you looking to increase the response rates of your direct mail?  Contact MarketMAPS.  We can provide you with a custom location map that marks any number of locations.  Show your customers the nearest stores within a 1 mile radius.  Our location maps are custom-made and can match your business’s style, colors, and themes.

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