America’s Eating and Drinking Towns

Posted on August 30, 2012


Do you ever stroll down the main street in your town and think to yourself, it seems like there is a restaurant on every street corner?  For a lot of big cities in America, it’s true.  And sometimes, there are even 2, 3, 4 or 5 restaurants on every corner.  You better believe that these restaurants go to great lengths to get their business to stand out among abundant competition.  MarketMAPS takes a look at the American cities with the most restaurants and bars per square foot. 

What you do with your evening is always dependent on where you live.  And in these towns, it seems like a good restaurant is never more than a few feet away.  The top eating towns in America are displayed showing how many restaurant each city has per 10,000 households.

San Francisco, CA                39.9

Fairfield County, CT            27.6

Long Island, NY                    26.5

New York, NY                        25.3

Seattle, WA                              24.9

Having a restaurant on every street corner isn’t cheap.  These cities have some of the highest average home prices in the country.  Compare these to the cities that have the most bars per 10,000 households, which offer a much lower cost of living:

New Orleans, LA                   8.6

Milwaukee, WI                       8.5

Omaha, NE                              8.3

Pittsburgh, PA                       7.9

Toledo, OH                              7.2

If you’re a business that deals in wines and dining, you may want to avoid relocating to these cities.  With so many restaurants and bars around, your business will have a harder time targeting customers.  Knowing how many competing businesses exist in your area is vital to your business’s success.  Understanding the competitors in your area can help you choose the best site for your business and better target your market.

To better understand your customers and your competition, consult MarketMAPS.  We create custom maps of any area in the USA and worldwide.  Add competitor locations and customer demographics to make your map meaningful and useful for your business.

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