How a Custom Map can Help your Business

Posted on August 28, 2012


Are you sitting around your store wondering why no customers are coming in?  Maybe it’s time to be a little bit more proactive.  If you are a small, local business, one of the things you need to concentrate on is marketing locally.  Not sure how to start?  Well, a custom map of your area can do wonders for your marketing efforts, and for your business.  MarketMAPS shows you how. 


Plan Where to Market

Identify the neighborhoods that are most likely to respond to your marketing materials, and are located close enough to you that they won’t think twice about making the drive to your store.  A drive time map, radius area map, and demographic map will all be useful for this application.  Click here for more tips on how to use demographic maps to improve your business 

Plan the Route

If you have drivers delivering things locally—pizzas, newspapers, etc.—you need them to know their routes.  Another great use for a custom map is to mark the areas your business delivers to so that drivers and employees are familiar with service routes and locations.  Click here to read about our tips for improving your pizza deliveries

Branding in your Office

It may seem simple, but displaying a map of your area in your office helps cement your company’s identity as a local presence.  Your customers and employees will all know that you are a locally focused business.

Custom maps have countless other uses.  If you think your business can benefit from a custom map, consult MarketMAPS.  We’ve been providing custom wall maps, digital maps, and map books to businesses for over 25 years.  Our clients choose the areas they want displayed, as well as the look and details of their maps.


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