The Art of the Road Trip

Posted on August 25, 2012


Every year, millions of us hear the call of the road and take off on our own journeys of discovery.  We get out there on motorcycles and bikes, in cars, buses, and RVs.  You learn a lot from road-tripping across the landscape and today, MarketMAPS shares a little bit of what we’ve learned about the art of the road trip. 

There Are NO Boring Places

A lot of time, travelers will dread the places that are “on the way” to their real destination.  These include the so-called “boring” cities.  One thing we’ve learned is that there are NO boring places.  Embrace the local shops and culture.  You may find something totally unique to add to your experiences, like an ostrich burrito, or a ride on a combine.

Real Adventure is Sometimes Scary

You’re going to find a wide range of experiences along your road trip.  You may arrive at a destination and be exalted like royalty; you may arrive and be treated like a criminal.  You may experience beautiful sunny weather; you may be caught in the middle of a tornado.  A real road trip isn’t always filled with certainty and that can be scary.  But it’s all part of the journey.

The Journey’s the Thing

Road trips have a beginning and an end.  Don’t get caught up in the “are we there yet?” mentality.  Sometimes the best parts of the road trip happen in the middle.  You may see a beautiful roadside attraction that wasn’t originally part of your journey.  You may witness some once-in-a-lifetime natural sights.  Don’t just enjoy the destinations; enjoy everything in between.

Part of the fun of ‘roadtripping’ is the unexpected twists and turns.  But you can never be too prepared.  MarketMAPS publishes the broadest selections of maps covering every area in the USA and worldwide.  We provide map books to help you navigate your trip, digital maps to help you zoom in on a particular area, and wall maps that let you mark and display your journey.

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