Most Popular Cars in the 10 Wealthiest ZIP Codes

Posted on August 24, 2012


Identifying demographic  and purchasing trends is an important part of business planning.  Businesses often want to identify where their products will be the most successful.  Today, MarketMAPS will show you which car manufacturers have found success in America’s richest neighborhoods, as we take a look at the most popular cars in the 10 wealthiest ZIP Codes.  The findings may surprise you. 


You can’t always assume that people in wealthy areas will insist on buying the nicest things.  Mansions and high-priced cars may be what come to mind when we think of the super-rich, but most of the cars on our list are reliable rather than flashy.  In fact, only 2 cars on our list of the most popular vehicles in the 10 wealthiest ZIP Codes are over $50,000.

Most Popular Cars in the 10 Wealthiest ZIP Codes

1.         Mercerdes-Benz E-Class          $51,365

2.         BMW 328                               $35,795

3.         Mercedes-Benz C-Class          $36,095

4.         Lexus RX                                 $39,950

5.         Toyota Prius                             $30,565

6.         Volkswagon Jetta                     $26,085

7.         Honda CR-V                           $29,575

8.         Honda Accord                         $23,070

9.         Toyota Camry                          $25,535

10.       BMW X5                                 $58,595

While there are certainly quite a few cars that are considered ‘luxury’ on the list, there are just as many cars that aren’t.  Top 5 cars in the affluent city of Medina, Washington included minivans such as the Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey.  In Century City, California, the Toyota Prius won the top spot, many claiming it to be “the ultimate status symbol in eco-luxury.”  However, across the board, it seems like BMW and Mercedes are the top car picks for America’s wealthiest ZIP Codes.

Businesses often need to conduct research to identify the markets where their products will be the most successful.  Companies targeting wealthy neighborhoods need to know the locations and median incomes of those neighborhoods.  Location, income, age, gender, and household size are all demographic variables that will determine where your products are successful.

With demographic maps from MarketMAPS, you can identify areas with the most desirable demographic features.  Our maps cover every area: state, county, city, metro area, and ZIP Code.  With our demographic maps you can view the median income in your county, the average age in your city, the population in your ZIP Code, and much more.

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